Medicine Hat JazzFest 2020

As you can imagine, we have been monitoring the current situation closely and looking at all possible scenarios for JazzFest 2020. A number of legal restrictions have been put in place and increasingly it appears that these restrictions are going to extend beyond the timeline of our festival, including venue access and public gatherings. All non-essential travel bans from outside of Canada will extend to June 30th

Because of these legal restrictions, we are announcing that the Medicine Hat JazzFest will not be able to take place this year as scheduled. 

We are of course extremely disappointed to have to cancel this year’s festival. We had a great line-up and are hoping that many of those artist’s will be able to take part in JazzFest 2021.

These are unusual times, and above all, we want to insure the safety of our artists, our organizers, volunteers and our attending public.

These are challenging times for all organizations, and for the artists who make their living from performing. We encourage you to do all you can to continue to support artists and arts presenting organizations through this time to ensure that they are sustainable and thriving moving forward.

If you would like to make a donation to the Medicine Hat Jazz Society at this time, please contact us.