While there are expenses we are not encountering in the production of JazzFest 2021, like venue rentals and hotels, there are many of the regular costs, as well as other expenses we are incurring that we would not usually have.

We are of course paying the artists. There are video shooting and editing costs, both for us and the artists, on-line production costs as well as many of the usual expenses including marketing and office expenses.

We have not sold a ticket for a show since JazzFest 2019. We have chosen to make JazzFest 2021 free to everyone as a gift to our community during these trying times.

We do not want to exclude anyone from experiencing the uplifting effect of this festival. 

We do have significant costs, and so we ask you to support JazzFest in any way you can through the donation route. You know what our shows usually cost. Decide what you can afford. But most importantly, attend some or all of the events and we look forward to celebrating in person in 2022!

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